2017 ICE Awards: Social Media Marketing


Nowhere else in Canada are four provinces so closely tied together with their culture and economy. The Atlantic Canadian provinces of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, PEI, and Newfoundland & Labrador share a connection that creates an invaluable thread that binds the fabric of Canada together. There is no East coast of Canada without the informal unification of these four provinces.

And in the creative advertising industry, Atlantic Canada is exclusively represented by the ICE Awards. The ICE Awards recognize the most creative marketing born in Atlantic Canada. ICE is organized by volunteers in the Atlantic marketing industry and submissions are judged by an out-of-region jury.

Cossette was given the task by the organizing committee to create digital marketing material for social media that advertise the value and opportunities provided by the 2017 ICE Awards. After a two-year hiatus, the ICE Awards went through a period of rediscovery, and returned with a theme fit for a professional celebration where creativity meets sophistication. The theme was ‘Back in Black’—an homage to the two-year hiatus and reinvestment in the ICE Awards as a premium marquee event in Atlantic Canada.

Back in black was a strong metaphorical theme, so our creative content mirrored the simplicity and sophistication needed to communicate the 2017 ICE Awards emphasis on class and grace.


Our solution was to use the iconic ‘ice bucket’, the award received by the winners for exceptional work, but with a subtle twist. Instead of the familiar transparent crystal, the ice bucket was painted black, and placed against a black backdrop. A series of photos were taken using the black ice bucket, plus specific items speaking to the happenings and goings-on of the 2017 ICE Awards. A champaign bottle was used to signify celebration, weights were used to represent the MC duo of Body Break’s Hal Johnson and Joanne McCleod, and fish were used to remind the audience that the ICE Awards are Atlantic Canada’s ONLY creative advertising awards event.

These images were posted on social media leading up to the event, creating hype, encouraging ticket sales, and informing participants of event information.


It was a blast to be given the opportunity to create marketing content for the 2017 ICE Awards. It was even more special to be part of the Cossette team who won three ICE Awards. Strategy Magazine posted a nice article featuring the winners, which also gave a shout out to our award-winning Pay it Forward ad. Very cool.

Agency: Cossette
Account Director: Maude Drouin-Halou
Art Director: Greg Dubeau
Design Intern/Photographer: Taylor Guarda


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