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The North End - Pencil Head - Sketch and Final_01

A new website means a new avatar to slap over all my accounts. I had a bit of internal turmoil deciding how I should approach the project. What style should I use? What aspects of my creative personality should it reflect? What should have been a small project dug up some feelings I’ve been quarrelling with for some time now.

I’ve always been conflicted about presenting my work online because I have multiple artistic styles that individually look completely different from each other. My illustrations don’t look like my graphic design, and my graphic design doesn’t look like my fine art. In the past it’s been a challenge to decide to either house all my work under one banner or have each style stand alone.

Consistency vs. Diversity

I’ve tried both strategies and neither really proved to outweigh the other.

So…what to do?

A new area of focus for this site is to ‘show progress’ and now I realize the importance of showing a diversity of projects. So I chose a ‘storehouse of ideas’ approach opposed to a ‘gallery of work’ approach.

With that being said, my new avatar needed to be a combination of everything I do—illustrative, figurative, conceptual, graphic and bold. But I also knew that I shouldn’t treat this project like a logo. In my mind the final product would live in a place between logo and illustration.

I flipped through the pages of my sketchbooks and came across a silly sketch I did of a silhouetted head with a pencil behind his ear. It resonated with me and suited an avatar-like composition. The only design issue I battled with was creating a palette that would create bold contrast in the slew of others.

As always, time will tell I suppose. Until then, meet Greg the Pencil-Head !

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