A Wedding of Multicultural Proportions!

The Chinese- Ukrainian Wedding - The North End
It’s October again and I can’t help but think about his time last year when I was at my friends Sara & Dan’s wedding. They asked me to help out with their wedding invitations and I was more than happy to contribute.

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The three of us began brainstorming ideas that could thematically encapsulate Sara & Dan’s relationship. There were a few things to keep in mind right off the bat; both Sara & Dan are triathletes; they both have strong cultural ties—Sara being of Chinese decent and Dan being of Ukrainian decent; the wedding party colours were red and champaign; and the wedding photography will be taken by the über-talented photographer, Shannon Lepere.

The Chinese-Ukrainian Wedding - Skecth - The North End
After many hours of deliberation at Calico Coffee House, hashing out the likes and dislikes of the current wedding trends, we decided to primarily focus on the cross-cultural union, and have the secondary focus be one their love for triathlons.

The Chinese-Ukrainian Wedding - The North End
I found a lot of geometrics similarities in the textiles of both cultures. Using common cross-cultural shapes and themes, I designed a series of repeating patterns modelled after traditional Ukrainian embroidery. Using a cubic grid, I configured patterns using cultural elements of flowers, stars and suns; and worked in iconic triathlon symbols such as bicycles, bike chains and finish lines.

The Chinese-Ukrainian Wedding - The North End

The strength of creating a multi-layered vector pattern is that it can be used as a whole or broken down into singular units. Take for example Sara & Dan’s ‘Save the Date’ card. There is a single, anagrammed band running across the top, but its focus is secondary. The primary focus is the bold, black numbers signifying the wedding date, while simultaneously resembling a triathletes race bib. From the time the invitee receives this card it will be a ‘race to the finish’.

The Chinese- Invitation - Ukrainian Wedding - The North End
The Chinese-Ukrainian Wedding - The North End
The Chinese-Ukrainian Wedding - The North End
The invitation was a wonderful challenge of craftsmanship. I wanted the pattern I created to reach its full potential, so instead of using inkjet or laser printers, we chose to pursue a sexy two-colour screen printed invite.

With the help of my pal Jordan Danielsson, we screened 200+ invitations on an champaign coloured cold-press 180 lbs. strathmore stock I picked up from the Painted Turtle. After two nights of inking screens, offset mistakes and many beers, we finished the job to the delight of Sara & Dan.

The invites were mailed out and by the wedding date we had multiple compliments on our work and even more reason to celebrate. A job well-done by all. Time to have some fun!

Party time - Wedding - The North End

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