McDonald’s: #AllDayBreakfast

11:00 am has always been a contentious time for McDonald’s breakfast lovers. If you’re not the early bird type, then getting that classic Egg McMuffin hot off the grill is a struggle. For years, loyal McDonald’s customers have lobbied for an all day breakfast addition to the menu, but were always met with dismay. Our American neighbours adopted this dream, but nobody could understand why Canada could not follow suit. Well, times have changed and 11:00 am just got a whole lot less stressful.

Rejoice! As of February 21, 2017, McDonald’s Canada appeased the masses with their much anticipated release of their all day breakfast menu.

What a time to be alive. Let’s celebrate!

In anticipation for this monumental occasion, the Cossette Halifax office was asked by McDonald’s Canada to build off of the national #AllDayBreakfast campaign, ‘time is getting confusing,‘ by incorporating a strategy to target Atlantic Canadians.

Our objective was to introduce #AllDayBreakfast to the Atlantic Canadian market, with our overall goal being to hold a mass celebration to reward loyal McDonald’s customers for their patience, passion, and enthusiasm.

We collaborated with the Cossette Montreal office to establish what type of celebratory event would be held. To emphasize the ‘all day’ aspect of #AllDayBreakfast, we decided to throw two midnight breakfast parties within 24 hours, in two different markets during the weekend of March 3–4. In Quebec, midnight breakfast parties were held in Montreal and Quebec City, while in Atlantic Canada, parties were held in Halifax and St. John’s. Between the Montreal and Halifax office, we were able to share resources to create a consistent product that could be experienced and shared online by the event attendees, social media influencers, and media outlets.


Soft Launch
In the weeks leading up the midnight breakfast party events, we used two strategies to push our message into the Atlantic Canadian ethos.

  1. Team up with local social media hubs, influencers and food bloggers to push our message and promote the midnight breakfast events.
  2. Maximize our messaging to the night owl/student/youth population by using out of home advertising opportunities on regional post-secondary campuses.


Hard Launch
In the days leading up to the midnight breakfast parties, we advertised in restaurant, as well as on the radio. We built a strong mutual connection with Alex MacLean of East Coast Lifestyle, and collaborated on a limited edition co-branded onesie set of pyjamas that would be given out for free to the first 100 guests to each midnight breakfast party.


Pyjama clad night owls and our youth target market arrived in great droves at each location to slip on and zip up their onesies, enjoy a free McDonald’s breakfast meal, and partake in some of the festivities including a bedtime selfie wall, alarm clock piñata, glow in the dark sunglasses, and an opportunity to partake in a digital video being shot to document the fun and memorable experience shared by Atlantic Canadians.


All of the activities and interactions with the McDonald’s brand during the event were designed to be shared over social media. Friends could celebrate the silliness of wearing their onesies while eating breakfast after midnight, or they could take a selfie with Alex MacLean who played DJ for each of the Atlantic events. On Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, we encouraged the use of #AllDayBreakfast, and on SnapChat, we created a geo-targeted filter unique to the event.



Both events in Halifax and St. John’s were a great success. At the stroke before midnight, there were lineups of excited pyjama wearing customers wrapped around the restaurant. Every attendee was given their fill of free McDonald’s breakfast, with a total of 600+ Egg McMuffins being served, with a side of hash browns and McCafe premium roast brewed coffee.

The free co-branded onesies were a huge success. They perfectly exemplified the playful energy and quirky nature of the midnight breakfast parties. They were such a success that we ran out of stock before the first hour of each event. To reward to loyal attendees unable to receive a onesie, Alex MacLean provided some extra East Coast Lifestyle swag for their patience and dedication. What a champ.

The events received national media coverage and was featured on Atlantic Canadian media outlets such as Narcity, Halifax Noise, Global TV, as well as popular branding-focused website, Brand Channel.

For an ephemeral behind the scenes look at the production of the #AllDayBreakfast video and how the Halifax and St. John’s events went down, click the photo below.


Agency: Cossette
Creative Director: Vicky Morin
Art Director/Designer: Greg Dubeau
Account Director: Maude Drouin-Halou
Account Coordinator: Sarah Densmore
Video Production: Buoy Marketing + Production
Producer: Don Veinish
Producer/Director: Ben Bennett
Director of Photography: Kevin Fraser
Special Event Planning: PRIME Marketing
Apparel Design: East Coast Lifestyle

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