McDonald’s McCafé: A New Way to Café

McDonald’s McCafé line is a full line extension with its own carefully crafted brand identity. Following a national brand repositioning campaign, McCafé needed to build on its existing product offerings and reinforce its share in the premium coffee market. Our challenge was to find a way to link the national McCafé brand to the unique tastes of the Atlantic Canadian market. To put it simply, we needed to make the McCafé brand more relatable to Atlantic Canadians.

After conducting extensive consumer research, we were able to focus in on an insight unique to the Atlantic Canadian market; Atlantic Canadians overwhelmingly prefer sweet, rich, and flavoured, dessert-type coffees. Additionally, not only do they prefer sweet specialty coffees, but they savor their coffee and view it as a ‘treat’. A treat in terms of taste, but also a ‘treat for themselves— a special moment’.

To make McCafé’s new brand positioning relatable to Atlantic Canadian specialty coffee drinkers, we set out to craft a campaign that accurately portrayed this ‘treat’ and the moment of relaxation and indulgence associated with it. In doing this, we were able to harness an insight unique to our market and build a campaign that was perfectly integrated into the national McCafé campaign.


We focused our campaign on a testimonial approach, showing real people from Atlantic Canada reacting to the product. We travelled throughout Atlantic Canada and offered free McCafé specialty coffees to real Atlantic Canadians and captured their genuine reactions. Through candid interviews, we were able to craft a strong narrative that showed genuine responses and delivered a powerful focused message: “my McCafé is my own personal treat, and provides me with a moment to unwind and enjoy myself.” This message translated into our unique Atlantic Canadian tagline: “A new way to treat yourself, a new way to café”. We produced a 30 second TV spot, three 15 second web spots (focusing on each individual McCafé flavour and its attributes), and a radio spot.

During the A New Way to Café promotional period, coffee sales in Atlantic Canada increased over 150%. Despite being an Atlantic Canadian campaign, it received national recognition for its immediate and sustained results, which were much higher than the Canadian average. Our campaign played a vital role in contributing to McCafé’s national increase in sales of over 35% during the promotional period.


Agency: Cossette
Art Director: Greg Dubeau
Copywriter: Brad Dykema
Account Director: Maude Drouin-Halou
Account Coordinator: Sarah Densmore
Video Production: Accomplice Content Supply Company
Executive Producer: Mike Masters
Director: Charles Wahl
Director of Photography: Guy Godfree
Food Stylist: Noah Witenoff

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