Canadian Institute of Forestry: National Forest Week


The Canadian Institute of Forestry (CIF) and I collaborated on a small project to promote National Forest Week in Canada. This was great project to work on for a multitude of reasons. First, I love being in nature, so joining forces with the CIF was a no-brainer. They do excellent things to provide national leadership for the forestry industry because forests are fundamental to our economy, culture, traditions and history – and to our future. Communities, families and individuals depend on forests for their livelihood and way of life.

Secondly, I’m really happy with the design solution I found for this project. I used a different strategy than I usually do, so I’m all hyped up about the outcome. I think I solved the problem in a unique way. Here’s why.

The project deliverables consisted of a poster and postcard that promoted the theme of the 2016 National Forest Week, True North, Strong & Green.

The same information needed to be present on both the poster and postcard. Here’s where I started thinking differently. Instead of scaling down the content of the poster to fit the postcard, I chose a different approach. I designed the postcard to fit into the composition of the poster. There was no need to scale down or rearrange the posters contents and risk losing readability.

The remaining imagery and content from the poster was relocated and restructured to fit the back of the postcard. Each set of posters and postcards were translated into French, so to be inclusive to the bilingual audience that is Canada. So voila! There you have it. A piece of work Christopher Nolan would be proud of.


To learn more information about Canadian National Forest Week or the the good work being done by the CIF, then please click the links provided here.

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