Atlantic Business Magazine: Pay it Forward Contest


In August 2016, Atlantic Business Magazine challenged agencies within Atlantic Canada to team up with a charity to create a marketing campaign that raises awareness and gives back to the community. The prize, worth a minimum of $30,000, consists of six full pages in the print edition.

Cossette and I teamed up with the Greater Moncton Homelessness Steering Committee (GMHSC), an organization that provides leadership and resources to the homeless population and people and families at-risk of becoming homeless.

Our goal was to create a powerful message in the form of a print ad. The objective of the ad was to confront the reader and encourage them to be a positive force in the battle against homelessness.

Our strategy was to confront the reader with the prominent social issue of homelessness and encourage them to think differently about the subject. The execution and placement of the ad needed to challenge not only how the reader feels about the subject of homelessness in Atlantic Canada, but also about how they interact with print advertising.


We pre-folded our ads page with a “bookmark” or “dog-ear” fold during the production phase. This is important for two reasons; first, it notifies the reader that this bookmarked page is important; and secondly, the folded page acts as a blanket that covers a small homeless man. Once the bookmarked page is folded flat to reveal a homeless man, the reader is confronted with the GMHSC logo and mandate—covering the uncovered.

Our hope is that the reader physically engages with our ad and keeps the page bookmarked to signify that, yes, this page is important to me, and also to believe that with the leadership of organizations such as the GMHSC, we can do more to care for and support our community’s homeless population, and those at risk of becoming homeless.


Agency: Cossette
Creative Director: Antoine Becotte
Art Director/Designer:
Greg Dubeau
Account Manager: Sam AbuDayyeh

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