Soocasa: Branding Exercise



A dedicated and trustworthy partner in helping people find and invest in homes by providing support services for non-traditional real estate transactions to those in unique situations.

How do they do this? Soocasa creates unique and convenient leasing options for homebuyers and homeowners. Lease-option programs qualify users differently than the binding requirements of traditional real estate sales. This allows Soocasa to create more opportunities for homebuyers and increase value for homeowners.

Soocasa challenged us to design their brand identity which centred around their non-traditional housing service app and website.

In short, we needed to create a name and a logo that would live exclusively online.

Step 1: The Name

One goal was to create a sense of familiarity that made the startup look and feel trustworthy, approachable, and professional. We explored many avenues, but always came back to a phrase that we felt encapsulated the energy and emotive qualities of the startup.

“Mi casa es su casa.” My home is your home.

“It’s a colloquial phrase that everyone knows that reflects exactly what this startup is all about. This is a strong, memorable and slightly playful name that is a coined word, but literally made up of the phonetically-spelled phrase “su casa”. Like a coined word it’s pleasant to say, rolling off the tongue. But since it’s literally the combination of “su” and “casa”, it’s also rife with literal meaning. A great balance of playful and professional.” 

It was important to choose a name that fit within the modern digital lexicon of apps and web-based services. We made the decision to alter the spelling of “su casa” to “Soocasa” because the new orientation of the name embodies a fun and welcoming nature, while remaining brief, familiar and smooth rolling off the tongue.

Step 2: The LookGreg-Dubeau-Soocasa-Logo-Design-Skecthes-2-2016Greg-Dubeau-Soocasa-Logo-Design-Skecthes-2016

The Soocasa audience is broken into three personas; tenant-buyers, homeowners, and investors.

For tenant-buyers, Soocasa guides you step-by-step through the process of starting as a renter, and growing into a property owner.

For homeowners, Soocasa discovers alternative ways to move on from your current property, without losing money, sacrificing equity, or becoming a landlord.

For investors, the Soocasa lease-option real estate program can connect you with both a property to invest in, and a tenant looking to lease-to-own that property.

We represented each service with a geometric home-shaped icon. Separately, each home represent the one of three services Soocasa provides, but when combined, they create a unique layered icon.

The colour palette was inspired by a Southwestern/Spanish theme, which reinforces the energy and spirit presented in the name.

Step 3: The Medium


The Soocasa visual identity was designed strictly for digital applications. Not to say that the logo cannot live in print; however, the design elements were treated in a way that maximizes the logos digital readability, legibility and recognizability, in horizontal and vertical formats, as well as divided into standalone graphic elements such as a favicon or avatar.

The wordmark if brief and bold. The combination of three universal symbols, such as the house, creates a story without relying on verbal or written explanation.

The wordmark has manageable syllables and phonetics.

Even if separated from each other, the icon and wordmark can live alone and be understood. The contrast between the dark monotone wordmark and colour-rich icon create an asymmetrical balance that gives the logo unity and energy.

And the pièce de résistance…

We were able to register the URL domain No dot com for this startup. They’re far too unique of a company for that type of normality.


Agency: Cossette
Art Director/Designer: Greg Dubeau
Copywriter: Brad Dykema
Account Director: Maude Drouin-Halou
Account Executive: Jena McCulloch
Brand Strategist: Samantha Shannon

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